Chester Sky


Chess But Way Cooler

The card game that makes chess way better

Chess But Way Cooler is an addon to the game of a chess. Its chess cards that let you mastermind new moves for your chess pieces. Challenge your friends to a chess game that’ll keep them guessing. Whenever you take an enemy piece, your opponent gets a card. Play your way to victory by swapping pieces, summoning pawns, and more.


How To Win

Checkmate the opponent’s king

What to do each turn:

1) (Optional) Discard a card from you hand and draw a new one to replace it

2) Move a piece just like in regular chess. Move out of check if in check.

3) (After moving) Play any number of cards from your hand

How to draw cards: Each time an opponent takes one of your pieces, draw a card.


Prior to playing Chess But Way Cooler you need to have a chess set and prior knowledge of the rules to play regular chess.


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