Chester Sky


The Music Producer’s Ultimate Guide to FL Studio 20

Leverage the power of FL Studio 20 to create and compose production-quality songs and develop professional music production skill

Key Features

  • Leverage the power of FL Studio to create your own production-level music
  • Develop widely applicable music production skills and learn how to promote your music
  • Utilize cutting-edge tools to fuel your creative ideas and publish your songs

Book Description

FL Studio is a cutting-edge software music production environment. It’s an extremely powerful and easy to use tool for creating music. This book will give you everything you need to produce music with FL Studio at a professional level.

You’ll begin by exploring FL studio 20’s vast array of tools and discover best practices, tips, and tricks for creating music. You’ll learn how to set up your studio environment, create a beat, compose a melody and chord progression, mix sounds with effects, and export songs. You’ll learn how to use tools such as the Piano roll, mixer console, audio envelopes, types of compression, equalizers, vocoders, vocal chops, and tools for increasing stereo width. The book introduces you to mixing best practices and how to master your songs. Along the way, you’ll explore glitch effects and create your own instruments and custom designed effect chains. We’ll also cover ZGameEditor Visualizer, a tool for creating reactive visuals for your songs. Finally, you’ll learn how to register, sell, and promote your music.

By the end of this FL Studio book, you’ll be able to utilize cutting-edge tools to fuel your creative ideas, mix music effectively, and publish your songs.

What you will learn

  • Get up and running with FL Studio 20
  • Record live instruments and vocals and process them
  • Compose melodies and chord progressions on the Piano roll
  • Discover mixing techniques and apply effects to your tracks
  • Explore best practices to produce music like a professional
  • Publish songs in online stores and promote your music effectively

Who this book is for

This book is for music producers, composers, songwriters, DJs, and audio engineers interested in creating their own music, improving music production skills, mixing and mastering music, and selling songs online. To get started with this book, all you need is a computer and FL Studio.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with FL Studio
  2. Exploring the Browser, Playlist, and Channel Rack
  3. Composing with the Piano Roll
  4. Routing to the Mixer and Applying Automation
  5. Sound Design and Audio Envelopes
  6. Compression, Sidechaining, Limiting, and Equalization
  7. Stereo Width: Panning, Reverb, Delay, Chorus, and Flangers
  8. Recording Live Audio and Vocal Processing
  9. Understanding Vocal Effects
  10. Creating Your Own Instruments and Effects
  11. Mastering Fundamentals
  12. Branding, Promotion, and Marketing
  13. Publishing and Selling Music Online


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